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For the flight of birds

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  • athena_crikey@livejournal.com
A pretty ordinary Canadian, whose notable life events have included living in three countries, writing a thesis on a topic she originally knew absolutely nothing about, and teaching in Japan. These days she's heading off into the world of work, but as of yet still has plenty of time to clutter the internet with unnecessary fic.

Notes as to journal content: Primarily this is a blog, but previous to setting up a separate fic journal I occasionally posted stuff here. I haven't deleted it because I'm lazy to save bookmarks, so you may come across it. Older fic and random drabbles are mostly unrated with no warnings. But anything needing a rating of pg-13 or higher, or serious warnings, has the appropriate labels. All of my fic is now posted at my fic journal, what_we_dream, and that's where any new fic will be.

Feel free to friend, but unless you specifically ask me to return the favour I probably won't notice. XD