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Athena blips in to rant about TV.

So for those of you who have been watching my fanfic journal, you will know that my main fandom interest of late has been Endeavour. It's a short show - the usual 4 eps/season, with only 2 seasons currently. The writing is pretty solid and thoughtful, and the characterization is quite strong. It has its flaws, and it has its mistakes, and for the most part I overlook them.


When marimba rhythms start to sway...Collapse )


Fic theft

It's been a long time since my last post, and real life is kind of shitty these days (continuing health angst), but I have re-appeared to provide a warning of large-scale fic theft.

Fanfic Journal is ripping fics off, I believe mostly from LJ, and posting them there without credit or notice to the author. There are hundreds of pages of fics posted so far.

If you have fics on the internet and don't agree with this, you may want to head over and go to the complaints page, where you can sign up to request that the site remove any fics they've posted of yours and also pro-actively request they not post anything in the future. That being said, I've no idea if they're honouring this or not. But better than nothing.

ladydragon76, who kindly made me aware of the theft of my own fics by this site, is heading up an information campaign, so for more on this head on over to her LJ.


LJ eating comments

Has anyone else had LJ eat comments recently? I've had one where I got an email notification, but the comment never showed up, and another where I got no notification OR comment (the poster emailed me).


Security Police: The Movie (Yabo-hen)

I don't know if anyone here watches/ed Security Police (SP). It's a 2007 Japanese drama that's kind of the crazy lovechild of Sherlock and Hawaii Five O (more the original than the remake). It has a few really annoying little faults, but overall I really enjoyed it. The basic plot is: guy with super-heightened senses works as body guard, uses his senses to detect and take out danger, and gets into conflict with his superiors who just want him to protect his charges and leave the apprehension of terrorists to the police.

Anyway, in 2010/11 they released two movies for SP which are basically a first and second half; yesterday I was able to watch the first half (Yabo-hen).

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Uh, post now contains spoilers for Kakumei-hen. Because I know you are all very worried.


I bought the Red Cliff DVDs this weekend, because those are films that 100% deserve my support. (I mean, I also bought Get Smart, so not sure that was my primary motivation, but...)

What's bizarre about them, though, is that the case cover has Zhuge holding a sword. When pretty much the whole point of his character is that he doesn't need to do that. He's more dangerous than a soldier because he's a thinker (and even when he goes into battle he doesn't bring a sword). So whyyyy would you?

Oh wait because it's hot.


(Seriously this cover is kind of weirding me out.)



My roommate and I were talking about Merlin the other day. Saying it like that, it sounds like a one-off event, but we've been talking almost constantly about Merlin since it ended.

Why it was a mistake. You know what I'm talking about.Collapse )

Anyway, all this is why I wrote a fix-it fic in which it never happens. So at least I'm safely ensconced in my headcanon.


I just heard that Merlin has been cancelled.

It hurts, but oh my god am I not surprised. This season has been so lack-luster, no one has chemistry, there have been some amazingly bad writing decisions, AND we have gone back to square 1 in terms of everyone's relationships and while it was annoying when seasons 1, 2 and 3 did it, by the time seasons 4 and 5 were still starting with Merlin having to earn Arthur's trust and respect it moved past annoying and into pathetic.

I really want to love Merlin, but this season has moved past my wanting Merlin to redeem itself and actually be almost good (which season 4 accomplished) and into my realising that's never going to happen and just watch it for gratuitous h/c and Colin Morgan crying every episode.

The show's fallen apart, and I guess good on the BBC for realising it and pulling the plug rather than renewing it for a further 3 seasons, I'm looking at you Supernatural.


I recently changed offices at work; now I'm in a new building. And somewhere in this building is a door that opens or closes a few times a day.

A door that sounds exactly like the cries of the planet.


I went to the supermarket directly after work today to purchase my dinner, and so had only my work purse and no reusable bags. The purse isn't tiny - you could probably fit a moderately sized watermelon in it - but I carry around a lot of documents and various odds and ends, so actually there's not very much room in it.

Anyway, when I got to the till, rather than putting my things in a bag the cashier started lining them up on the counter, as they do when they expect you to self-bag. So rather than be judged, I walked home with my purse full of potatoes and rice, and pork and carrots shoved in my jacket pockets.


Tiger & Bunny: Over & Out

I first watched Tiger & Bunny about a year ago, just after the initial surge in its popularity. It's a fun show; I enjoyed it a lot for a number of reasons. But I also think it tried too hard to be awesome in cheap flashy ways rather than putting a lot of thinking power into it, which keeps it at more of an 'eye-candy' than 'supremely awesome' level for me.

Anyway, I rewatched a lot of it over the past few days, here are some thoughts.

Some thoughtsCollapse )

And now I'm tired, so I guess that's all the thoughts there are!
My truck's engine has been leaking copious amounts of engine coolant for a while, but I hadn't really realised how much until I filled it up a few weeks ago and then found that it was totally empty the weekend before last. On Saturday I took it to get its oil changed and asked the guys to look for the source of the leak; they thought it was a poor connection in one of the hoses that was inaccessible - a cheap fix.

Today I took the car to a mechanic, who said it will need a new radiator and water pump. Truly, I feel I have joined the car-owning masses.

PS: I have reclaimed my email account.


I doubt anyone on my flist would be affected by this, but my email account has been hacked - if you've received emails from me in the past, you may be getting spam now. I'm trying to get back in, but it's pretty hard to remember what information you gave when creating an account when that account was created at the age of 13.
Just saw The Dark Knight Rises.

spoilersCollapse )

Also I was really disappointed when I got home and found that Blake wasn't played by Shane Taylor.
Just got back from Vancouver, hanging out with some old University friends, playing cards and eating Chuuberts. I did not realise they were a thing we have here. Of course, it goes without saying that everyone avoided the grape flavour.


We've managed to avoid drowning!

I'm in the middle of replaying MGS2, ostensibly somewhat for my roommate's benefit.

I've always assumed that Hal was able to get all the hostages off in the Kamov - I remember them saying early on that that's not going to pan out but later I somehow fudged it in my brain that if they overloaded the Kamov it would be okay. But on replay, it's pretty clear that that can't pan out, starting with them saying the weight limit would only allow something like 50% of the hostages and ending with Snake explicitly telling him to just take as many as he can.

All of which is to say that, directly after dealing with E.E.'s death, Otacon has to then go and choose which of the hostages get to live and who stays behind to die. Am I the only one who never thought about this?


Smart Art solves all your problems!

I've been spending a lot of time at work preparing powerpoints for various people. And after a while, this starts to rub off into the rest of your life. Especially when you're watching Star Trek (TOS) and start thinking about what kinds of presentations the officers would have.

Spock would pack his slides with facts and charts and use up all the space trying to fit in accurate legends and axes.
McCoy: Dammit, Spock, I can't read all those bullets. Put in some pictures or something.
Spock: The point of the presentation is to relay factual information, Doctor. Images are unnecessary.
McCoy: All the facts in the world aren't going to help you when your audience falls asleep halfway through the presentation.

McCoy would have an even blend of pictures and charts. But his technological ineptness would mean that the pictures were all sized too large for their quality to support and placed awkwardly on the slides, and the charts would have mismatched background colours and weirdly sized fonts.
Spock: What is the point of the seedling?
McCoy: It represents growth, Spock. Some of us like to break up our slides.
Spock: Surely that is indicated by the text. And I believe the font size differs between the third and fourth bullet.
McCoy: I'm a doctor, not a goddamn typesetter.

Kirk wouldn't give powerpoint presentations, he is too cool for that.


Not the only thing off the deep end

Been fiddling around with colouring things in Photoshop. Definitely not going to become a long-term hobby, but it's fun to fool around with for a while. Have some Violinist of Hameln icons (yeah, I know you want them.)

We'll call it Pianist of Raieln!Collapse )


Does anyone else ever have dreams where they meet people they only know online in person? I have definitely had several. In the dreams we interact and occasionally have discussions (generally about whatever the shared fandom is), but when I wake up I have no memory of how they looked or sounded. Which makes sense since, you know, I've never met them.

And then I kind of feel like a creeper.


I don't think I've talked about it in a long time, if ever, but one of my all-time favourite manga is Violinist of Hameln.

Violinist of Hameln is a ridiculous manga about Hamel, a young man who is petty, cowardly, perverted, greedy, but also has a giant violin on which he plays music so beautiful it can bring out extraordinary strength in people by calling to their emotions. Naturally, he is on a quest to save the world from the evil king of the demons who happens to be his father. He is joined on his quest by Flute, the heroine who is used as combat fodder by Hamel (see: magical violin playing); Raiel, his childhood best friend who summons spirits by playing a giant golden piano which weighs 500 kilograms but which he nevertheless carries around on his back and whose greatest weakness is panties; Trom, a boy prince who spends most of his time whining about his parents' death or perving out on Flute; Oboe, a talking crow who is supposed to be the party's mentor but never really does anything helpful other than serving repeatedly as soup stock; and Sizer, a half-angel who fights with a giant scythe which is also a flute.

I know, you guys just want to rush out to read it, right?

Violinist of Hameln is a dramady, which admittedly starts to phase out the comedy about halfway through until there's not much left by the end. But it's still entirely ridiculous up until the end. Really, how could it not be? This is not a manga which takes itself seriously. This is a manga which, when in doubt, makes penis jokes. But - and I know you won't believe me - it also has a lot of thoughtful characterization. Everyone's broken in different ways, but they don't dump it on you when you meet them; it's only as the manga unfolds that you realise their eccentricities actually not only make sense but that generally they got off pretty lightly, considering.

A while back, someone decided that what this manga really needed was a very pretty, very angsty, very serious anime. Of course, it's difficult to make a manga whose main characters sometimes go into combat as Kotatsu-Man and Nabe-Guy into a Serious, Angsty Anime. So they erased Hamel's memory and turned him into your usual characterless teen bag of mope.

I watched the anime originally back in undergrad, and remember thinking that I would never watch it again. But (I admit this is a major personality flaw), I always come back to things like this thinking It couldn't have been that bad.. This is why I repeatedly tried eating baker's chocolate as a child.

Anyway, it is that bad. Seriously. I stopped watching at the point wherein Flute's estranged Queen mother (a character who, in the manga, is so self-sacrificing she is killing herself by inches for her people and has been watching over Flute since she was a child) orders Flute's clothes to be ripped off in front of the whole court to prove her credentials. I would like some fic where Raiel and Flute just get the fuck out of there and leave the country to its own devices.

In conclusion, I would like to recommend to you Violinist of Hameln. But not the anime.


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